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Because of our strong feelings of gratitude toward those who have, who do, and who will defend our freedoms, we have dedicated this page to all who sacrifice their personal security and conveniences to promote, protect, and defend the freedoms and ideals established by the founding fathers of our great nation.  Feel free to view the presentations below.  

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GCS is also collecting photos to use is subsequent productions.  If you would like to see your friends or family in one of our productions please send us their photo and permission to use it in one of our presentations.  We prefer pictures that have not been posed but instead show our troops doing what they do every day.

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"We Support U" was originally created during the beginning of the war with Iraq in 2003. After seeing some of our "fellow" Americans on the news trying to hinder military supply lines to protest the war, we wanted to make sure a couple of the boys and girls we knew that were in harms way knew they had our support.  Thanks to so many who have made this their show of support for their soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Music - "Closing Credits" from Glory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by James Horner - 1989 Virgin Records America, Inc.

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My wife and I originally created this presentation for our parents who served in the Vietnam War era.  Many of the emotional wounds of that time are still very painful.  We wanted them to know that we know their service to their country was honorable. Though we could not be there then, here is our emotional dressing for old wounds that never healed.

Music - "The Majestic - And the Magic" from The Majestic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 2001 Hollywood Records, Inc.

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 I created this presentation more for myself during the first week after 9/11 to express all the bottled up emotion that was writhing inside me.  I shared it with a couple of coworkers and they demanded I post it on the web so they could share it with their families.  This was the first presentation I ever shared.

Music - "Hymn to the Fallen" from Saving Private Ryan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 1998 SKG Music L.L.C. Dreamworks Records

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 This presentation was originally created for and dedicated to a wonderful young lady who lost her husband in Afghanistan who we got to know over the internet.  I posted this one for her but also as a reminder to those who live near families whose husbands have given their lives for their country and those who are currently serving.  We must not forget the families of those who serve and sacrifice for the rest of us. Shortly I will be posting approved charities you can donate to if you would like to help these families in need.

Music - "Homeward Bound" from The Road Home by The Choirs of Brigham Young University - 2003 Tantara Records
The Road Home CD is available for purchase at www.tantararecords.com.

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 The great civilizations in the world have all passed through a series of stages from their birth to their death.  Historians have listed these in ten stages.
The first stage moves from bondage to spiritual faith.  The second from spiritual faith to great courage.  The third stage moves from great courage to liberty.  The fourth stage moves from liberty to abundance.  The fifth stage moves from abundance to selfishness.  The sixth stage moves from selfishness to complacency.  The seventh stage moves from complacency to apathy.  The eighth stage moves from apathy to moral decay.  The ninth stage moves from moral decay to dependence.  And the tenth and last stage moves from dependence to bondage.
Let us learn from the past and be ever vigilant to stand and oppose the forces who seek to erode mankind's God-given right to freedom.

Music - A compilation from The Shawshank Redemption Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 1994 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

For the Children
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 There are some events in human history that are extremely difficult to understand.  For many, natural disasters are the most perplexing because there is no where to lay the blame.  Some shake their fist at God while others turn to Him.  I personally believe trials are like a refiners fire burning away impurities and molding us into what we are meant to be.  For some of us, that refining takes a little longer than others.  I temporarily removed this presentation, in part, because of some personal struggles I had with the reaction of the world community about the contribution of our country to the relief efforts.  I will not discuss in detail here what my reservations were but I will provide this link to what had given me pause.  Regardless of the stupidity and selfish pride of certain governments and individuals, this effort is still about those who need our help the most.  It's about the children.

Music - Sage of Lamberéné from Innovators by Sam Cardon & Kurt Bestor - 1995, 1999, 2000 Treble V Music L.C., Camp Scary Music, L.C., Pinnacle Music Group

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 A military mom named Millie sent me an email which explained how she was sent a link to our "Until Then" presentation on Christmas eve.  She had lost her son in Iraq in March of 2003.  As she watched, she saw one of the last pictures taken of her son, sitting relaxed, reading a newspaper.  I have pondered greatly on that happenstance and of the many families that have lost loved ones in this conflict.  Some have spoken against our presence in Iraq.  But I believe that those who have given their lives in this war have done so for a great and noble purpose.  One only needs to look at the faces of those who voted in the first free Iraqi election in 50 years.

Music - "Main Theme" from For the Love of the Game by Basil Pledgors - 1999 Varese Sarabande

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 As I sat in a event held by our local Military Affairs Committee honoring those who are serving and those who have been assisting their families while they're away, I was struck by the comments of a soldier who recently returned from Iraq. He related how some soldiers are distracted from the task at hand by problems at home or a lack of support. I think some have forgotten that their are those still defending our freedoms who are still in harms way. And pressures at home or a lack of encouragement from home can be deadly for a soldier in combat whose mind is not in the right place. We must continue our show of support for these brave men and women. Click here to see how you can help our soldiers and their families.

 This presentation is dedicated to Sgt. Michael Marzano and his mother Margy who was informed on Mothers Day that her son had given his life for the cause of freedom.  You can learn more about Michael and make a donation in his name at the site www.packagesfromhome.org where Margy worked as a volunteer.

Music - "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" Performed by the Combined Choirs Of Brigham Young University - 1994 Tantara Records

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 There are so many strong feelings that run deep in times of war especially with those who suffer great losses.  During such times it is easy to lose sight of the end goal.  Over 30 years ago, this nation sold a part of it's soul to purchase peace.  The hole left behind continues to fester to this day in the hearts of men and women who gave so much for what they felt was a just cause.  They returned to an ungrateful nation that had bought into the spin of certain poorly-principled, ill-informed, and perhaps even over-privileged individuals.  We have learned our lesson to be supportive of those we send to defend us.  But once again the spin begins spouted by strangely familiar voices.

 This presentation is dedicated to those who will "stay the course."  They know that if we do not, it is our children or their children that will have to finish or even repeat what we have started and those who have sacrificed so much will be all for not.

Music - Portions of "Suite from Forrest Gump" by Alan Silvestri - 1994 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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 We have become increasingly efficient at destruction and waging war.  We have also become more efficient at saving the lives of those wounded in war.  Many who receive serious injuries in battle would have died in previous wars but instead are surviving due to the outstanding efforts of military evacuation personnel, medics and doctors.  As a result many of these survivors face a difficult road ahead burdened with life changing disabilities.  Some of these disabilities so extreme that to regain any kind of quality of life is exhausting, excruciating, and extremely expensive.  Most lose any source of income and where you would think the government would pick up the tab for these brave souls, the pittance they receive falls pretty short.

 This presentation is dedicated to those and the families of those who gave up the life they knew, whether entirely or in part, for the rest of us. We asked them to stand for us.  Now it is our turn to stand for them. Go to www.ammericasupportsyou.mil and take up their cause!  Donate!!

Music - Portions of "Titans Spirit" by Trevor Rabin - 2001 Disney (USA).

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